• About Us

         PINES Wheat Grass traces its roots to 1930, when an agricultural chemist named Charles Schnabel became the first scientist to discover the effects of incorporating young cereal grasses into diets. In study after study, subjects fed these grasses displayed superior health and vitality to the ones on other diets – including diets incorporating more traditional vegetables.  

         Over the next twenty years, Dr. Schnabel and his colleagues at Cerophyl Laboratories would not only map the nutritional profiles of these valuable greens, but determine the keys to both harvesting and protecting their peak nutritional value – a pioneering body of work that has served as a blueprint for the methods and practices utilized by PINES.

         At PINES, we’re proud to supply our customers with the same high-quality cereal grasses, grown in the same rich glacial soils of northeastern Kansas that the scientists used for dozens of studies published in major medical journals. Young grasses like PINES Wheat Grass and PINES Barley Grass contain the widest spectrum of vitamins and minerals found in any vegetable, as well as additional nutrients Schnabel and his team dubbed “the grass juice factor.” Whether in powder or tablet form, try PINES cereal grasses for yourself and discover the advantages of whole-food nutrition: “Mother Nature’s Multiple.”

        Since opening for business in 1976, we’ve shipped millions of servings of nutritious greens to satisfied customers all over the world. Join the thousands of people who know from personal experience that the grass is always greener on the PINES side of the fence!




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